They are six typical youngsters, 6likeUs, dealing with the up and downs of everyday life. Life doesn’t offer an awful lot to those growing up in the suburbs. The tram that takes you where you want to go doesn’t stop there, so these kids use song and dance as a way of expressing themselves, of creating an alternative; or at least the illusion that one exists.

What would happen if a mysterious girl with the power to change their lives appeared? She introduces herself as a theatre manager’s daughter and invites them to try out a rehearsal on stage. The group accepts her offer, anything to avoid another dull afternoon spent between park benches and rusty swings.

But when they arrive there’s a surprise. The theatre is crammed and a show is about to start. They feel trapped, scared but also a little excited and accept the challenge just almost for the laugh. They’ve no idea what awaits them.

The stage contains 6 small chairs and hundreds of hats of every shape, colour and era. What should have been a simple tribute to a certain Brother Luigi’s life, quickly transforms itself into an experience that will change their lives forever, forcing them to make choices that will determine their coming of age, right there on stage, to the sound of music.

Which side will you chose
in the clash between
Chance and Destiny?

The project

6comeNoi (6likeUs) is an artistic and creative production which encompasses a stage musical, an original soundtrack (12 tracks), a DVD and a series of music videos. The challenge for the creators was ensuring the message of Brother Luigi was both contemporary and relevant in today’s world. As a result, the music (all original) takes in many genres including pop, rock, funk and even reggae.

English Version by Ronan O’Dowd